Five Ways Technology is Making Our Cities Smarter

As technology progresses, it has become clear that the goal is to make our lives more efficient, easier, and more productive. When we talk about smart cities, we’re essentially talking about a network or technological resources that come together to make our homes safer and more effective. Technology is advancing all of the time. Whether it’s transportation or the ability to use data to come up with new ways to live, below are five ways that technology is making our cities smarter.


Transportation is greatly facilitated by advances in technology. Not only are self-driving cars already on the road, but there will also soon be fully automated models available. With GPS photo capture technology, our vehicles are now analyzing traffic and moderating both the speed and direction we move in. Faster internet from 5G will also improve these technologies. Cars will have the ability to interact more effectively with the internet, providing more accurate and therefore safer analysis of the roads. Furthermore, automobiles aren’t the only form of transportation that will benefit. These technologies will also facilitate public trains and subways as well.


Climate change is melting the ice at the poles of the planet, which is making sea levels rise. Many of our coastal cities will be dealing with sea-level rise in the future, but technology will be instrumental in visualizing how much the ocean will rise and who will be affected by it. Overall, infrastructure will be greatly improved by advancing technology. We will know where to build our buildings, which roads will be more efficient, as well as how socially inclusive it will be. When it comes to infrastructure, technology will help us understand socio-economic divides in our cities.


Robotics and automated technology will facilitate the process of construction as well. Not only does something like a powered exoskeleton suit provide protection from enhancement for construction and other municipal workers, but robots will also eventually be able to construct whole buildings on their own. Data will show us where we should build, how tall or wide we should build it, and how long it will take with reliable machines building it. Currently, humans are still doing the dirty work when it comes to construction but it is only a matter of time until machines replace us in these jobs.

Saving Energy

One of the defining issues of our time is our energy use. It has become clear that our use of fossil fuels is unsustainable. Not only will we need to cut down on our energy use, but we will also need to utilize other forms of energy like solar, hydro, and wind. Energy meters are designed to incentivize reduced energy use. LED lights are being used by cities instead of traditional incandescent light bulbs. Smart thermostats are helping us save on heating and cooling power. The more intelligent our technology is, the more we will be able to save energy and use sustainable sources of power. With climate change being the number one issue of the future, the ability to save energy is paramount.


Increased surveillance through the use of CCTV cameras is making our cities safer. While there is a concern about privacy, surveillance has made it much easier to catch criminals who have committed acts of thievery or violence. Wi-Fi connectivity, the Internet of Things, and the accessibility of small 360-degree cameras have made our cities safer already. As this technology expands, our cities will only get safer.

The cities of tomorrow will be different than what we are used to. They will function better. They will have more efficient services, infrastructure, and transportation. Technology is the backbone of modern society. Whether you like it or not, it will define our lives in many ways. While caution is necessary, advancements will continue to make our lives easier, more productive, and increasingly efficient.

To solve the problems we have created and the ones we don’t yet know about, utilizing technology is pivotal. Cities become “smart” when a network of technological resources are used to benefit the population and make everything more effective. There is no stopping the future. There is only augmenting it to our own advantage and using it to make our lives better.