Five Apple Watch Bands for Extra Large Wrists

So, you are looking for a new band for your Apple Watch, but have you measured the size of your wrist to choose a comfortable fit? Once you have an Apple Watch, matching luxury with comfort is a must.

Yes, you have plenty of options from online and offline markets. You won’t have to put any extra pressure or your wallet even if you choose the best Apple Watch band. Yes, the classic buckle Apple Watch band is expensive. But, it is for the ones who choose the premium factor over anything. So, if you are one of those, we suggest going for the chain-link Bracelet because of its flexible size. It can be stretched to the biggest range according to the wrist size.

However, if the chain-link bracelet is not your thing, this article will help you choose from different options. Let’s go through them one by one.

The Apple Watch Options for Extra Wrist Size

  • The flexible rubber sport strap

As the name suggests, the band has a unique rubber tyre manufacturing that is comfortable for any rest size. It is made of silicon and is stretchable to a great limit. It keeps your wrist breathable even after prolonged usage. If you have unusually large wrists, these bands are perfect for you. You can even go for physical exercise as the material is quite sturdy and durable. 

  • The metal stainless steel stretch band

There is no option for such a band in the official Apple Watch band list. However, many third party sellers help you get such a band at a very affordable price. Just like the Apple Watch classic buckle, these bands can stretch to a great range. You can resize them by adding or removing links like in the chain. The range can extend by 5 inches. 

  • Formal stainless steel strap

Since the Apple Watch always shows off its formal side, you can also do the same by buying a formal stainless steel strap. There are dozens of colour combinations in this type. You can also get the sizing perfect because of high flexibility. This strap can also be resized by adding and removing links like in a chain. With so many combinations of colours, sizes and types, this is the most versatile Apple Watch band of all time. 

  • The fashionable carbon Fiber band

If you need sturdiness and a premium look in one band, the fashionable carbon fibre band is the way to go. It is not recyclable but it has many sizing options for different wrists. The carbon fibre band always makes you look ready for formal get-togethers. Business meetings, weddings and such events are a breeze for these bands. 

  • The traditional leather band

While buying a leather Apple Watch band, You need to keep in mind a few things. Leather is a relatively delicate material. It might be difficult for your skin to breathe after prolonged usage. Leather was designed to escape sweating while giving you a classic look. With many colour options, you have yourself covered for many get-togethers and sports Activities. Also, due to a number of options, leather bands come in a variety of sizes. The range is quite large and you can choose one for extra large wrists. 

With these five different Apple Watch bands, you are covered to a great extent if you have unusually large or small wrists. So, go through these options and choose the most suitable one according to your requirements. 

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