Ferrari F1 Steering Wheel Replica for Passionate Gamers

How serious are you about gaming? Serious enough to spend $2,246 on a 1/1 scale 2011 Ferrari 150ᵒ Italia Steering Wheel replica? If you are, then we are happy to present this awesome gadget to you and all the other passionate gamers out there.

Giving you the thrills of driving an F1 vehicle right from the safety and comfort of your couch, this full size Ferrari steering wheel replica sports numerous perfectly functional paddles, buttons and switches and is made of carbon fiber, just like the real thing. It can be used for the most advanced gaming systems of today, which makes it even more appealing. Unfortunately, only 250 units will be produced.

Each wheel weighs 14.5 kg (almost 32 lbs) and comes with a clear dust cover and a red leather base. Because they are made to order, the delivery time is of up to 30 days. Each unit features a numbered plaque and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Are you ready for the competition?

Ferrari F1 Steering Wheel Replica for Passionate Gamers


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