Ferocious Limited-Edition Brabus Shadow 800 by Axopar

Brabus is a German high-performance tuning company world-renowned for its high-performance cars, but the novelty about it is that these days the team here has teamed up with Axopar, a premium boat manufacturer in Finland. This partnership is auspicious since its final result consists of a new range of bespoke hyper boats.

The first model is a 37-feet boat stunning and was released under the name of BRABUS SHADOW 800. This gem will be produced in a very limited series – only 20 units.

This exquisite vessel is based on the Axopar 37 twin-stepped hull. Still, it is produced is a separate side of the boat manufacturer’s new factory.

Moreover, Axopar’s plans include extending their bespoke range with 45-feet boats when this limited series will be completed.

This 37-feet BRABUS vessel features a blacked-out color scheme with touches of red according to the aftermarket specialist’s signature style.

But, those who are interested in buying one of the hyper boats should know that they can opt for a second color scheme that features a grey hull with red elements and an elegant interior with custom colors.

Black, white, and modern grey materials, as well as original BRABUS carbon fiber components can be spotted on the inside.

Regarding the power, Twin Mercury Verado 400R supercharged racing engines are in charge with this mission. These are supplied with the Mercury’s 360° Joystick Piloting technology.

Curious about the price? The starting price of this BRABUS is 397.500 Euro. The surprise here is that it comes with a cool bonus – the next-generation Garmin Quatrix 5 Sapphire multisport marine wristwatch.

What do you think about this new hyper boat and the association between the two big names – Brabus and Axopar? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.





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