Feast Your Eyes On The Azimuth King Casino Watch!

Those of you who enjoy spending time in casinos playing Roulette or Baccarat will surely appreciate this fabulous timepiece created by Azimuth. The Azimuth King Casino was actually inspired by a Roulette wheel and by a Baccarat gaming table, and even though it is perfectly capable of telling the time accurately, it also serves an entertaining purpose.

The Azimuth King Casino Watch (5)

The Azimuth King Casino Watch (2)

It’s hard not to notice that the King Casino is somewhat similar to Azimuth’s SP-1 Roulette timepiece, as both of them flaunt dice-shaped winding crowns that are used to set the time and operate the pieces’ gaming functions. By pushing the dice two times, the ball on the dial spins around the roulette dial and stops at a random number, just as a real Roulette would.

The case of the King Casino measures 45mm, and it is available in three different versions. One is plated with yellow gold, the second is steel, while the third comes in chocolate-colored PVD steel. All versions are accompanied by high quality leather straps and folding buckles, and they are priced at just $3,649.

The Azimuth King Casino Watch (3)

The Azimuth King Casino Watch (4)

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