Fashion Patches: 5 Ways to Work Patches Into Your Wardrobe

Fashion patches are a great way to add flare to any outfit. Here’s how to incorporate this new trend into some of your best outfits.

In an ever-evolving fashion industry accessories can make or break an entire look. It is so important to be unique and stand out without becoming tacky or too much.

Iron-on patches are a fantastic way to showcase originality, uniqueness, and add an extra level of rebellion and chic. The great news is fashion patches can be an uber affordable way to enhance any look. 

Here are the best 5 creative ways to add patches into your wardrobe. 

1. Jackets

Jackets are so versatile and certain kinds can be worn year-round!

Iron-on patches can be easily incorporated onto a denim jacket to create an edgy night on the town look or can even be added to create a bit of sparkle or class to a casual look. The best part about iron-on patches for jean jackets is that they can create a look that is one extreme to the other depending on the preference.

Want to add a bit of flair for your workout attire? Adding an iron on to a sweatshirt or jogging suit can be a fun way to incorporate some style into something as simple as a workout. 

2. Shirts

Have any old t-shirts that are plain and need a fashion re-boot? Simply add a cute patch (or 100) to give that old shirt a complete makeover.

Not only can cute patches make an old or plain shirt fun again but it can also be used to strategically make a statement.

Iron a music note to the pocket to advertise music ability or advertise gigs, iron a baseball on to indicate a love for the sport.

3. Bags

Patches and monograms for purses and travel bags can create a fabulous look with minimal effort. 

Simply choose a design that best suits the bag and patch away. Cursive monograms or initials are extremely popular and can truly improve the appearance of any bag such as a beach bag, overnight bag, baby bag, or even a purse or briefcase. 

4. Pants

Jeans are probably the most commonplace that patches are used.

This originated from the Great Depression. Several people were poor due to the economic struggles and had to find creative ways to use the clothes they already had, so patches became a quick easy way to fix a pair of pants that had a rip or hole.

The trend stuck and today patches can be made to make- over pants and give them a cute rustic or hip look or bought brand new but designed to look rustic and hip. 

5. Hats

Baseball caps are the best accessory for a bad hair day, a trip to the beach, or ball-field.

Why not make it a fashionable look by adding unique iron on patches, because honestly once that good old hat is broken in to fit perfectly it never needs to be thrown away. 

Go Buy Fashion Patches Today!

Hopefully, these 5 tips will generate some great ideas on fashion patches in order to create a unique and fashionable wardrobe on a budget!

The use of iron-on patches is endless and the looks are simply limitless.

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