Extreme Makeover for the Grand Princess Luxury Cruise

If you had the honor of being a passenger on the lovely Grand Princess, then you definitely remember your cruise for all the luxury amenities that the boat featured. The executive vice president of Princess Cruises, Jan Swartz, reminds us that “when Grand Princess was launched she was the most innovative ship at sea”, but he also informs us about the extreme makeover that the vessel will soon receive.

The outdoor theater ‘Movies Under the Stars’, the Atlantis Casino, the Snooker’s Cigar Bar, or the luxurious staterooms of the ship were truly impressive, but wait ‘till you see the new Grand Princess!

New Piazza Atrium

Shopping, light meals, quick bites, beverages, fresh-baked cookies, salads and coffee drinks – all these will be part of the new Piazza of the vessel. It will be a great social hub for all the passengers.

Alfredo’s Pizzeria

After watching how chefs make the delicious pizzas in the open kitchen, you will be able to enjoy your individually-size pizza in a lovely environment.

Crown Grill

Alfredo’s Pizzeria will not be the only place where chefs will make their creations under the curious eyes of cruisers. Crown Grill restaurant will also boast a large open kitchen where a wide variety of foods will be prepared, including lobster and other seafood.

Leaves Tea Lounge and Library

Personalize your reading time with an aromatic cup of tea. Leaves is the place where you ca choose a favorite book and a favorite tea blend. Besides the numerous base teas, there is an impressive choice of 500 unique blends that can make your reading time even more enjoyable.

One5 Lounge

Skywalker Nightclub was one of the highlights of the ‘old’ Grand Princess. But in a little while it will be replaced with the new One5 Lounge club, with modern seating and lighting, and with an impressive backlit bar. It will be located on the top deck of the ship and it promises to be amazing.

All these changes and many, many more will be done in merely 24 days, between   April 11 and May 4, 2011. If things work out as planned, than we will definitely have a hard time recognizing the stunning Grande Princess after the changing process is complete.
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