Extreme Luxury and Comfort with Boeing’s Aeroloft

Tired of taking long flights from one place to another and become numb sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions? Maybe it’s time to switch to Aeroloft travelling, which is the latest and most luxurious type of VIP air transportation. The project was created by Greenpoint Technologies, who has recently introduced the patented Aeroloft into a BBJ 747-8 VIP airplane from Boeing.

Being certain that all customers will love the new project, Boeing is already planning to equip two more business jets with luxe Aerolofts. Based on a modular design, the loft includes eight different suites, and is situated above the main cabin. It can be accessed from the main deck via a staircase,

This addition increases the overall cabin space of the aircraft, and also improves comfort and privacy in a completely revolutionary way. What’s more, the suites can be customized with unique designs and furnishings for extra luxury. This is definitely the best new way of keeping unwanted activity and noise away from VIP travelers.




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