Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent

Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 1

You don’t like clichés on Valentine’s Day, so romantic getaways are out of the question. But you still like the idea of doing something special with your partner on a day that is said to celebrate couples. So for you and the other adventurous people out there, we present five extreme getaways that will definitely thrill you.

Since there is nothing more challenging and more beautiful than nature, an adventure trip like the ones proposed by Abercrombie & Kent is a truly rewarding experience. Once you’ve overcome extreme temperatures, mind-numbing altitudes, and other challenging obstacles together with your loved one, your respect for life and for each other will grow considerably.

Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 1

Of course, these adventures can also be experienced alone. A&K sais that one out of four Extreme Adventurers take solo trips, so they put a lot of effort in making the trips perfect for couples, groups and single travelers. Here we present their five new Extreme Adventures for 2011. And don’t forget that A&K also offers a special program, called Fit for Trips that can prepare you both physically and mentally for the adventure before you.

1. Greece

Mount Olympus, the legendary home of gods, awaits you with rocky crests and narrow ravines. Level of difficulty: 3 (Demanding). A ten days experience starts from $4,245.

2. Iceland

Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 2If freezing temperatures don’t frighten you, then you should try tracking across the glacier in super jeeps and spending the night in tents under the starry frozen sky. The level of difficulty is 4 (Strenuous), and a seven days trip starts at $10,125. Expert guides will accompany you all the way.

3. NorwayExtreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 3Relive the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, the place where the 1994 winter Olympics took place. Biathlons, rubber bobsleighs, skeleton sleds, four-men bobsleds and toboggans will challenge you for five days at a strenuous level of difficulty: 4. Price starts at $7,795.

4. Mexico

Mexico offers a moderate level of difficulty: 2. Here you can kayak from island to island and spend every evening under the open sky on the Isla Espiritu Santo. Snorkeling is also part of the package. A seven days adventure starts at $4,275.

5. JordanExtreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 4Spend eight unforgettable days exploring ancient fortresses and gazing at breathtaking landscapes while travelling by Jeep, by camel and by foot in the desert. The level of difficulty is 1 (mild). An eight days experience starts at $7,150.

For more fascinating trip ideas, take a look at the pictures below. You can experience everything from horse riding safari, to luxury accommodation and dining in the desert.Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 5Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 6Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 7Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 8Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent 9