Exquisite Vivanta by Taj – Rebak Island, Langkawi Resort

After you’ve worked so hard throughout the year, you definitely deserve to spend some time on an island somewhere surrounded by the turquoise waters of the ocean. As far as Malaysia is concerned, the Luxury Rebak Island Resort enjoyed great popularity and eventually became known as one of the top luxury holiday destinations in the country, but it now stands ready to make a new name for itself under a new brand: Vivanta by Taj – Rebak Island, Langkawi.

The resort operates on its own 390-acre island called Rebak, which is a part of the larger Langkawi conglomerate. Boasting the only fully-equipped marina in Malaysia as well as ample opportunities for entertainment and relaxation, this place is undoubtedly a perfect place for a perfect vacation.

The rooms flaunt modern amenities as well as wooden floors and tasteful décor elements that give off a sense of serenity and wellness. The fabulous views of the Senari Straits can be admired from almost each and every room, but you’d definitely want to spend some time outdoors during your stay here. Visit the gardens, take in the sun at the beach or engage in some refreshing water-based activities such as snorkeling or diving!

Alternatively, you can go on a relaxing private yacht trip or take private Batik classes at the Atma Alam Batik Art Village. As far as food is concerned, you’ll be able to purchase delicious ingredients from the wet market and prepare delicious meals with the help of the island’s expert chefs.

This place is guaranteed to meet and surpass all of your expectations, which is why you should definitely visit it at least once in your lifetime.



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