Exquisite Ultimate Centennial Dragon Pen By Montegrappa

Montegrappa is one of the most respected luxury brands in Italy, and so it comes as no surprise that the pen created for its 100th anniversary is a true masterpiece. Dubbed Ultimate Centennial Dragon, this exceptional writing instrument was created in 2012, and it is a one-off product. It was inspired in its design by the Nine Dragon Wall that was built in 1773 during the time of the Qing Dynasty.

Ultimate Centennial Dragon Pen By Montegrappa 1

Dragons represent a very important symbol in Chinese culture, as they signify prosperity and power, so as you can probably imagine, this particular pen is regarded as more than just a lavishly decorated writing tool. Speaking of adornments, the Ultimate Centennial Dragon Pen was created using solid gold, and it is studded with fabulous diamonds, rubies and a pearl.