Exquisite Montegrappa Bruce Lee Fountain Pen at Bonhams

On June 11, Bonhams will auction off an impressive selection of exquisite pens during its Fine Writing Instruments sale. Collectors will have the opportunity to bid for some truly outstanding pieces, each with its unique story and special provenance.

The highlight of the sale will be a Montegrappa “The Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee 18K Yellow Gold Limited Edition 88 Fountain Pen”. The pen was created in honor of one of 20th century’s most iconic figures, and the 18k gold nib even features a fine engraving of Lee’s silhouette.

Other characteristics of the luxurious writing instrument include cinnamon-veined red celluloid, a Yin-Yang emblem on the cap top, and a superb dragon overlay made of 18k yellow gold and flaunting beautiful red ruby eyes. It is estimated to fetch between $30,000 and $50,000.

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