Exquisite 1:8 Scale Ferrari LaFerrari Models

You won’t believe the level of detail on this stunning model car! The photo gallery could actually trick you into thinking that what you see is the real Ferrari LaFerrari, when in fact it is only a 1:8 scale replica of the supercar. An incredibly detailed replica, that is.

Paying homage to the Italian automaker and the highly popular hybrid technology, the models are created by Amalgam with a ridiculous level of detail. Just like the real thing, the models are limited to only 499 units. Each piece requires thousands of hours of work and many different skills performed with incredible precision.

The meticulous manufacturing process is a reflection of Ferrari’s own dedication to perfection and excellence. A diehard auto enthusiast will certainly appreciate the effort and won’t find it too much to pay £3,875 ($5,990) for one perfect LaFerrari replica.