The Most Expensive and Exclusive Socks In The World

If you thought that cashmere was the most expensive and comfortable fabric in the world, then you clearly never heard about Cervelt by now. This incredibly soft and highly exclusive material can only be obtained from the New Zealand Red Deer in limited quantities, which means that it is definitely one of the rarest and most sought after fabrics in the world right now.

The world’s most expensive and exclusive socks cost $1500 a pair, and they are made using 100% Cervelt by Harrys of London. Also known as the “Diamond of Clothing Fibers”, the Cervelt is molded and shaped to take the form of these exceptional socks with great attention to detail by Harrys of London’s experts. Flaunting a sublime Charcoal Grey colorway, these socks would definitely make you feel like a king or queen, since Cervelt boasts a diameter of just 13 microns, which means that its softness and lightness are unmatched.



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