Everest: The New Largest Private Yacht in the World

Abramovich’s immense yacht could one day be eclipsed by an even more impressive personal cruising ship, aptly named Everest. Designed by Donald Starkey, Everest is a 200-meter (656-foot) vessel that can accommodate up to 36 passengers and guests in seventeen apartments, plus a private penthouse on the top deck for the owner. The vessel was supposed to be launched in 2010, but reports say the launch date was postponed for 2013.

If everything goes according to plan, Everest will soon be the new largest private yacht in the world. Every suite on the vessel will have its own private terrace and guests will enjoy high-end amenities like access to steam rooms, sauna, a large gymnasium, an indoor cinema, indoor pools, an outside swimming pool with cinema arrangement, a scuba center and more.

Priced at €350 million (approx. $482 million), Everest will also have a drive-in docking facility at the aft end for a small submarine and boats, a beach club with side folding platforms port and starboard, a helipad and hangar, and maybe even deck-launched torpedoes and SAMs (Ship-to-Air Missiles) for protection against Somali pirates or terrorists. Suddenly Abramovich’s Eclipse with its anti-paparazzi shield doesn’t sound that interesting anymore.

If this immense yacht will finally be built, it will find no docking space large enough to welcome it in any standard marina in the world. It will just have to spend the night in a commercial, cruise-ship terminal!Everest The New Largest Private Yacht in the World



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