Enjoy Luxury and Privacy on the Royal Belize Island

Interested in spending a wonderful vacation on a private island with no strangers to interrupt your fun? The Royal Belize island in the Caribbean is a seven-acre haven of luxury and privacy, with three different types of accommodation, featuring antique European and Asian furnishings. Guests here can choose to live in Villa Alba, Casa Catalina, or Casa Valentina, and no choice is a wrong one.

The private retreat is ideal for many different types of vacations, from honeymoon getaways, to weddings, and corporate outings. The food here is always delicious, prepared by the island’s chef with dedication and care. While on the island, guests can engage in all sorts of fun activities, such as jet-skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing on the coral reef, and diving.Other activities include beach sports, river tubing, hiking, and even exploring the local Maya ruins.

What’s even greater about this paradisiacal resort is the fact that not only its guests will benefit by coming here. Royal Belize is also involved in Christie’s Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth. This means that by coming here, you also support the charity’s noble purposes. Doesn’t this make things even more wonderful?

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