Enjoy a Perfect Vacation at Cap Estel on the French Riviera

A vacation on the French Riviera is an experience every person should try at least once in their lifetime. And when you decide to do it, you must make sure to choose an excellent resort or hotel to stay at. One example of a good choice is the luxurious Cap Estel resort, which started out as a personal summer residence for a Russian prince, later becoming a glam hotel in the 1950s, and now being one of the best Mediterranean hideaways you can find.

Ever since it became a high-end hotel, Cap Estel has been a preferred destination among celebrities and reach people, some of its most remarkable guests having been The Beatles, David Niven, and Catherine Deneuve. It was fully renovated in 2007, when new state-of-the-art amenities upgraded the entire Cap Estel experience. Here you can choose from the beautiful 500-sq.-ft. to 5,000-sq.-ft. suites and enjoy amazing sea views every day.

Marble floors, terraced gardens, luxe furnishings and excellent services are all part of the deal. And when you think you’ve had enough seclusion and tranquility, just hop on a 15-minute drive towards Monaco’s busy casinos. You can also go to Nice (25 minutes away by car) for a refreshing shopping spree and other cosmopolitan pleasures. There’s no way to go wrong when choosing to spend your next vacation here.