Elvis Presley’s Luxurious Tomb to Be Sold Soon at Auction

This item is not for the ordinary Elvis Presley fans. It’s the marble and granite tomb of the King of Rock and Roll himself, and it is soon going to be sold during Julien’s upcoming “Music Icons” auction. For those diehard fans of the music legend who don’t find this offer too creepy, the luxurious and imposing mausoleum will be a very strong reason to enter a harsh bidding war.

The auction will take place on June 23, and the asking price for the tomb will be $100,000. Located in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, the crypt is now empty and has been so since 1977. After his demise, Elvis Presley was buried here, and so was his mother Gladys, after she died on August 16, 1977. Two months later, however, the two were re-buried at Elvis’s home in Graceland.

The price of the mausoleum also includes opening and closing the vault for burial, use of the chapel for committal service, and a custom inscription, but it does not cover the costs of transportation and funeral home services.

And for those fans who won’t be able (or interested) to put their hands on the tomb, the auction will also bring forth other remarkable memorabilia, such as Presley’s custom made E.R. pendant, a 14-kacart gold medallion with diamonds decorations, and other jewels of the King. Pieces of memorabilia that used to belong to Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, and Keith Richards will also be offered at the event.



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