Ego: The Electric Semi Submarine by Raonhaje

Probably the best thing about this electric semi-submarine is the fact that almost anybody can operate it, as you need no extensive training to get on board and grab the wheel. To make things even easier, the engineers at Raonhaje devised an acceleration pedal, which is very similar to that of a car. This easy-to-maneuver mini-submarine is a first in many aspects and was displayed at the Miami boat show this month.

The batteries of this modern boat/submarine called ‘Ego’ can keep you exploring the waters for up to 10 hours on a single charge. If you choose to navigate at its top speed of 4 knots, you will be able to do so for only 4 hours. And you don’t have to worry for your safety: the submarine will keep floating even if the floating hull gets damaged. The windows also offer full protection, as they are made of pressure-resistant special acrylic.

Some of its most important features include the monitoring LCD system, the digital depth gauge, the VHF marine two way radio, the battery monitoring system, and the compass. You can order your own Ego submarine in any of the seven colors available.

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