Effective Tips To Help Make Your Skin Glow and Look Lighter

As the temperature continues to rise, it becomes harder and harder to put loads of makeup on. Unless it is a night out, the makeup you wear on a warm summer morning will either melt off or feel too sticky and heavy on your face. Also, given that when summer comes around, we are usually by the beach or the pool, it will be challenging to keep the makeup on, as it will come off as soon as you take that first dip (unless you use waterproof makeup). Going natural, during the summer or winter, eliminates all the hassle, so why not go out makeup-free for a change? Read on for some effective tips to help make your skin glow and look lighter without makeup.


Always cleanse your face in the morning. Every skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or combination, has a cleanser made just for it. When we sleep or go about our day, dirt and oil accumulate on our skin, making our faces pale and dull. When you wake up or before you go out, use a cleanser that is made specifically for your skin type to cleanse your pores and bring radiance back to your face.


Your next best friend is an exfoliator. Even though cleansing will clean out your pores, it may not remove the dead cells on your skin’s outer layer. When you exfoliate, the dead cells are removed, allowing brighter, more luminescent skin to show. Do not over-exfoliate, though, as that will dry your skin and may cause it to break out. Try to exfoliate once or maximum twice a week, depending on the strength of the cleanser.

Lightening Ingredients

One cool trick to illuminate your face is to use lightening ingredients. There are many products that will help lighten any dark spots you may have on your face or body. The expert beauticians at www.pierremichelbeauty.com/meladerm-review/ agree that skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation are quite difficult to address. Using the right lightening cream for your complexion will contribute to transforming your skin. When in doubt, ask your dermatologist for advice regarding these types of creams.

Drink Loads of Water

Drink LOADS of water! Whether you want to lose weight, cleanse your body, diminish acne, or eliminate headaches, loading up on water is key. The lack of proper hydration causes wrinkles and makes your skin dull and dry. As per the experts’ advice, try to drink up at least eight glasses of water a day; it can be challenging at first, but it will get easier when you get used to it.

The most important thing when it comes to making your skin look healthier and brighter is consistency. Washing your face once with a cleanser will not magically transform your face. Many creams claim that they will make your face look radiant overnight, but those are just marketing techniques used to trick you into buying more and more products. That’s not to say that these products will not do anything for you, but they most likely will not magically rejuvenate your skin while you are sleeping. Keep drinking water and using products made for your skin type for at least a month, and you will eventually see a notable change!

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