Education Jobs That Can Fund a Luxury Lifestyle

Education is one of the most rewarding fields that one can pursue a career in. There is a wide range of jobs available for those who want to teach others in any number of subjects. Potential roles in education range from teaching in a classroom to offering one-on-one tutoring, and everything in between. When it comes to a lucrative career that can fund a luxury lifestyle, education isn’t the first career path that springs to most people’s minds, but it remains a diverse field which offers numerous opportunities to build existing skills and qualifications. Below are some of the best jobs in the field of education.

Media Director

This is a perfect role for those who are into technology and who enjoy the problem solving that comes with operating tech equipment. The role of a media specialist is to advise on what technology schools should be investing in, as well as considering how that technology can be most effectively deployed in order to best aid children’s education. Media Directors are also responsible for making decisions as to what equipment students should have access to within computer labs and libraries.


Tutoring can come in a number of forms, depending on what subjects you intend to teach. If you have a degree then obviously that subject would be a good choice to begin tutoring in, although you can offer to teach just about anything. Subjects like math and science are always popular amongst parents looking to raise their child’s academic achievement prospects.

Tutoring also encompasses more practical subjects, for example, learning a musical instrument. If you are already a proficient player of a particular instrument, then you could offer lessons. For those who are passionate about music and who want to invest in a long-term career, an online master of music in music education degree might be suitable. The online MMME degree requires some prior experience but is a fantastic goal for those who enjoy combining their love of music with a passion for teaching. Whether you decide to teach students in the classroom or on a one-on-one basis as a tutor, a master in music education is a fine career choice and a great long-term investment.


The role of the principal in a school is varied and often misunderstood. Principals are not usually involved directly in educating the children, but they do take the highest-level decisions that affect the style of education that pupils receive. Becoming a school principal does require a reasonable amount of teaching experience and a master’s degree in education. However, for those who are currently in or have previously worked in education, applying for a school principal position is a great way to jumpstart a career.

Education continues to offer some of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs available. For those with experience and qualifications, there are almost limitless possibilities for finding rewarding work in the world of education. If you are passionate about a subject and would like to inspire others to get involved, then you should consider a career in education.