Eco-Friendly Luxe Residence in Costa Rica

Eco-Friendly Luxe Residence in Costa Rica (22)

This beautiful modern residence is set on a coastal hillside in Costa Rica, overlooking Golfo Dulce. What makes it truly amazing is the fact that it is more than just a luxurious 18,000 square-foot home with modern furnishings and minimalist design cues: it is also a very environment-friendly construction.

Designed by SPG Architects, this was once an abandoned structure on a rainforest site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It took the architects a lot of effort to transform it into this gorgeous energy self-sufficient home. Now low-consumption lightning and appliances get their power from photovoltaic panels on the roof, while hot water solar panels ensure domestic hot water.

Ample overhangs and maximized cross ventilation ensure enough air flow throughout the house to eliminate the need of artificial air conditioning. Add to all these eco technologies the lovely architecture, the beautiful interiors and the mind-blowing ocean views, and what you get is a true dream house.

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