Easy ways to ensure owning a dog is stress-free

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that they really are man’s best friend. Devoted and kind, a protector and a comforting presence, dogs have the ability to add so much value to a person’s life. But they can also cause stress and leave you worrying, often for days at a time when things don’t go so right. It is part of the balance of owning an animal. But the good news is that there are ways of minimising this stress. In fact, with a bit of planning and forethought, looking after an animal can actually be pretty stress-free. Here are some tips to help you ensure that it is as easy and fun as possible.

Health care

We all know that medical cover is important and most of us have some kind of medical aid or health insurance to which we contribute on a monthly basis. The thinking is that you never know when you will need it and that when you do, it is normally very expensive. The same logic should be applied to your dog – because as is the case with humans, dogs also get sick. Pet insurance is much easier to get now than it was a decade ago and it tends to cover most forms of medical crisis. From dog fights to seizures, accidents to old age, these are all costs that will be covered by a good policy. Investigate one as soon as you can – the premiums tend to be quite low, the benefits quite significant.


As soon as you get your dog get it micro-chipped. As important as a collar and tag are, the micro-chip is even more important. Once done it is very hard to have it removed and the dog will subsequently be identifiable for life. Anyone who finds a missing dog will take it to a vet or a kennel, where it will almost certainly be scanned for a chip. And as much as you think your dog will never escape or get lost, it does happen. A micro-chip will make it a whole lot easier to recover him in eth event that it does happen.


The world is filled with far too many stray and unwanted dogs. Animal shelters are forced to have dogs euthanized on a far too regular basis. Make sure that you are not adding to the problem by having your dog neutered or sterilized as soon as possible. Even if you were to be a responsible owner and look after the offspring in eth event of an ‘accident’, it will still add considerable costs to your budget.


Invest in some basic dog training. Not only will it make your life considerably easier being able to instruct your dog to sit or wait; it will also help you to learn what behaviours of yours are good and which are bad in terms of getting the best out of a dog. Dogs respond to cues from their humans and they can become anxious if they are not dealt with in the appropriate manner. A short course when your dog is a puppy will help you and the dog bond and will make your life infinitely easier as you advance through life together.  

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