Dwelling in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain, by A-cero

Dwelling in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain, by A-cero

La Finca is the name of a recently finished estate in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain. The architecture studio that is behind this project is A-cero, famous for its modern designs with impossible angles and impressive volumes. Here you’ll find one particular house that is different from the other A-cero achievements in several respects.

Some say that A-cero’s works are repetitive and that they lack originality and innovation. Others believe that all artists should have their own particular style, the essence of which must be present in all of their works. This is what should make them unique and recognizable. We won’t argue on this matter here, but we will notice some new and fresh elements that have appeared in the project.

First of all, the dwelling that we are talking about is smaller than the houses A-cero usually erects. However, size is a relative notion, and this building is only small if compared to its siblings. Otherwise, this is a large, two stories house with a pool, a pond, a beautiful garden and all the best amenities.

Second of all, the interior is brightened up by a few dashes of color. There is an entirely pink little girl’s room and another one with lively stripes that continue their way on the ceiling. Lively colors have not been A-cero’s choice until now.

The two stories have everything that a household needs, a large kitchen, a wide lounge, a dining room, a cleaning room, several bedrooms and bathrooms, a games room, a gym, a home theatre, and a wine vault.

On the outside, the house impresses (or repels) by its bold sculptural architecture. While we know that many will find the overall design appealing, we also are sure that others will find it garish. We even heard someone say that “it looks like the house is wearing a hat” with reference to the oversized roof.

Travertine marble and dark grey granite work together to create pleasant exterior design contrasts. Contrast is what characterizes the entire house, including the interior. Dark and light shades are found in every room, even though the main color theme is white.

Brightness is another main characteristic of this dwelling. Large windows allow plenty of light to fill the rooms and give the people inside the chance to enjoy the beautiful sights outside, where everything is tastefully arranged.

Now we would like to share our personal opinion on the house. It is definitely a modern building, but not necessarily the best we’ve seen. We would never refuse the offer if anyone wanted to give it to us for free, but we’re not sure we would spend our own money on it. And we simply can’t get one question out of our minds: what if the buyer’s first child will be a boy? What will they do with the pink room?

Anyway, we appreciate all the effort, time and talent invested in this A-cero project in Madrid.

Dwelling in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain, by A-ceroDwelling in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain, by A-ceroDwelling in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain, by A-cero

Photos source : http://www.contemporist.com/