Dualit’s Lavish 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster

The 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster by Dualit is a stunning, extravagant appliance that would look great in any luxurious kitchen. The product costs $1,600, and apart from its eye-catching gold treatment, it is a fully functional, high quality toaster that can be used to prepare delicious snacks or breakfast meals.

The product is put together entirely by hand using 168 parts, and in order to ensure that each individual toaster benefits from a touch of exclusivity and authenticity, the name of its maker is engraved on the bottom plate. If you were thinking about traveling to the UK for a Christmas shopping spree, then you can always stop by Selfridges and pick up this one-of-a-kind toaster. Since it looks so great and performs so admirably, the 24-Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster by Dualit will be a part of the Selfridges 2014 Christmas window display.


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