Do CBD Oil Gummies Work?

Nowadays, you can find CBD oil in everything from drops to gummies. It claims to have many benefits, such as helping to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and even fight against illnesses and diseases such as cancer.

While there have been numerous studies over the years, there are still doubts over CBD oil. With the legalization of CBD and marijuana in some states across the US, it’s being used more than ever before. It can be found in all sorts of food but the question remains: do they actually work?

Does CBD Work In Food?

To date, the FDA has only approved CBD oil to treat a rare form of epilepsy. Everything else is still up for debate but studies are showing promising results.

CBD is a cannabinoid. According to CBDKyro, it acts on the same receptors in the brain as endocannabinoids. They are believed to have an effect on a number of bodily functions that include pain and mood.

James Giordano, a professor of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, says that when CBD is inhaled, it can get to the brain quickly and produce its effects. However, when it’s ingested as an ingredient to food, it can take longer.

Before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream, CBD gets metabolized in the liver. This results in deactivation of some of the molecules, meaning that when the remaining CBD reaches the brain, it’s a lot smaller than the original volume.

Jeff Chen, director of the University of California Los Angeles Cannabis Research Initiative, agrees with Giordano. He says that the levels of CBD needed to show positive effects during clinical trials had to be at least a few hundred milligrams a day.

If true, then you’d be required to eat a lot of Hemp Bombs CBD gummies, where one serving only contains 15 milligrams of CBD per serving. To feel the effects, you’d need more than 10 gummies for positive experiences but while the effects of dosages are still, at best, unknown, it’s unlikely to be advised to ingest this much CBD every day for a lengthy period of time.

With this being said, those that are sensitive to CBD may be able to still feel the effects from small doses.

How To Influence The Effects Of CBD Gummies

As explained above, the bigger the dose, the more it absorbs into the bloodstream, leading to stronger feelings of the effects.

It’s also worth noting that liquids are far easier for the body to absorb than solids. Therefore, for anyone looking for a fast hit of CBD might be better off with CBD oil drops rather than gummies.

Another factor to consider is how full (or empty) your stomach is when you ingest the CBD gummy. A recent study suggests that the body is far better at absorbing CBD on a full stomach. CBD is fat-soluble meaning that taking a CBD gummy with a meal that has been cooked in olive oil will aid with absorption.

Emulsified fat droplets like those found in mayonnaise and butter can also help too.

However, if your meal consists of the ‘bad fat’, ie rich, greasy foods, it will most likely reduce the rate of absorption since the body takes a while to break down the fatty acids.

The final factor to consider is your unique genetic makeup. Since everyone is different, everyone will digest and absorb CBD at different rates. You may also respond differently to it once it has been metabolized; in some, it will heighten the effects but in others, it will be lowered.

What Ingredients Affect CBD Gummies The Best?

As with all foods, if you add certain ingredients and flavors, they’re going to taste better. But, with genetics, different flavors have different effects on people. The same goes for CBD melatonin gummies.

While there have been no CBD foods tested in humans to prove that one ingredient influences the effects of CBD more than another, there are some foods that can heighten the experience of CBD and others it may numb it down based on your own genetics.

Take chocolate for example. In some people, it can make people happy and extremely satisfied. Chocolate and CBD together is a different story though. The CBD can cancel out the pleasure produced by the chocolate.

This won’t always be the case though as everyone is different but it’s something to be aware of.

Are CBD Gummies Safe?

It’s important to understand that aside from the FDA-approved CBD for a rare form of epilepsy, no other CBD product is regulated. This means that they do not have to go through a series of tests to prove they do what their manufacturers say they do.

If you plan on taking CBD gummies, you must be prepared to do your own research behind CBD, its effects and even the company that is making the product.

It may also be worth consulting your doctor or physician before you start taking CBD gummies. For anyone using medication to treat an illness or condition already, this is absolutely vital.

For anyone new to CBD, slow and steady wins this particular race. Start small and wait to feel the effects. If you don’t feel anything, leave it for another day and try again. Don’t go and eat the whole gummy straight away as you don’t know how your body will react.

If you still aren’t feeling anything, only then increase your dosage CBD. Repeat this process until you are aware that the CBD has taken its effect. Record how much you ate and you can be consistent with your approach going forward.

Taking this into account it is important to keep in mind while you travel. Use these tips on traveling with CBD, to make sure you are covering all your bases.

Most people can only ingest 5 to 6 milligrams of CBD per 10lbs of their body weight. Any more than that and you’ll stop absorbing it and potentially feel negative side effects like fatigue.


CBD gummies will work but the strength of the effect will vary depending on your genetics, ingredients and the dosage size. Make sure you always do your research before trying a CBD gummy. If done right, as the studies suggest, the effects can be hugely beneficial.

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