Discover the World with Hurlingham Travel’s Ultimate Journey

Currently available on, The Ultimate Journey is a luxury travel packagelike no other! It is exclusively designed for wealthy travelers with a taste for adventure and exploration. Priced at a whopping £990,000 (approx. $1.5 million), the package includes 962 destinations, each and every one a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The luxe package for two is offered by Hurlingham Travel, a high-end travel agency in London, UK. This really sounds like a magical honeymoon experience to us – exclusively reserved for the well-heeled, of course. The managing director of the agency, Andrew Barker, describes it as “the most exciting trip we have ever managed and is the most remarkable travel adventure imaginable”.

With 157 countries to visit and numerous fascinating places to see, this really may be the best travel experience ever. Destinations include the ancient city of Monte Alban in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Petra the symbol of Jordan, the majestic TajMahal in India, the stunning Angkor temples in Cambodia, the Moorish Alhambra in Spain, the Forbidden City in China, and the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Also part of the package are business class flights from one destination to another, overland travel, luxury hotel stays, and guided tours of the sites. Some of the high-end hotels in which guests will spend their nights are The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, The TajMahal Palace in Mumbai, Sandy Lane in Barbados, Cipriani Hotel in Venice, Hotel George V in Paris, and The Plaza in New York. Sounds like a recipe for happiness to us.

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