Discover the Stunningly Beautiful Sea Cave Restaurant

Looking for a new romantic restaurant to celebrate your anniversary? Well, how about a perfect dinner in a cave? Of course, we are not talking about a prehistoric-style cave dinner, but a very modern and memorable experience in the stunning Sea Cave restaurant in Italy.

The restaurant is part of the Grotta Palazzese Hotel, which is situated in a natural grotto. Offering lovely views of the Polignano a Mare town and its shimmering waters, the cave is open only during the summer months. The design of the restaurant resonates with the natural look of the walls: it includes wooden floors, limestone textures, and simple furnishings in warm colors.

A romantic celebration  must always be accompanied by a perfect view, so each table in the restaurant is positioned to ensure excellent views of the Mediterranean and the horizon. We hope your next romantic getaway is a memorable one!

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