Discover the Lavish Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay in Egypt

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay enjoys the warmth of the Egyptian sun every single day, offering its guests a truly memorable experience. The Soma Bay gated resort community flaunts gorgeous beaches and easy access to the beautiful Red Sea. Even though vegetation is scarce here, the views and landscapes are spectacular from every single viewpoint.

The hot sun invites all guests to just lounge and enjoy the lazy sunny days of their vacation in Egypt, but this is not necessarily a place of relaxation alone. You can also get very active at Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, engaging in fun water and land sports. Parasailing, kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving are just some of the things you can do here.

After you’re done exploring the superb coral reefs, you can extend your fun time in the water by having dinner in the hotel’s smallest restaurant: a single table that can be placed at request in the warm waters of the Red Sea. And if you are not really a water person, golfing on an award-winning championship course is an excellent alternative that you can go for.

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