Diddo Velema Introduces the Much Sought-After Cure for Greed

Dutch artist Diddo Velema has already accustomed his fans with unique, original, and very intriguing works, such as the Womb Coffin, the High Fashion Protection mask, the Jewelry Weapons, the Champagne Extinguisher, and more. His latest creation, however, is a real shocker. It is called The Cure for Greed, and it is nothing short of mind blowing.

The cure is actually a strange injection kit containing a syringe and two needles, all plated with 24-carat gold, plus a medical vial containing 5 ml of…dollar ink. Yes, real dollar ink, sourced from $10,000 worth of real currency. The bills were chopped, turned into pulp, and chemically treated to have the original ink separated from the paper.

The resulting ink was then re-stabilized to stay in liquid state, and poured in tiny vials, ready to be used as cures. One such set is priced at $10,000, and according to the artist himself, is “an invitation to reexamine our assumptions and inject them with the type of energy that will ensure new and evolving perspectives”. The kits are sold in custom mahogany boxes with personalized monograms. We would really love to hear your thought on this idea! Don’t miss the comment section below!




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