Diamond Studded Armor Glove by Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness, the extravagant fashion artist, together with Shaun Leane, another known name in the fashion world, have recently created a new glamorous accessory for ladies. It’s a dazzling one-off white gold and platinum glove, studded with over 5,000 bright diamonds, set in the shape of a bird formation. Named Contra Mundum, which is Latin for “Against the World”, the glove was molded after the artist’s own hand. It is actually a stylized armor made of precious metals and studded with gems.

After more than two years of designing, planning and working, the glove is now finally ready to dazzle the world with its unique charm. It will soon be available for purchase, but there is no word on its price just yet. Talking about her creation, Guinness said “I dislike the idea of jewelry being like a price tag around someone’s neck. It needs to be something else – and there is something extremely magical about armor”.

The very expressive photos of the artist wearing the glove were taken by photographer Nick Knight.

Diamond Studded Armor Glove by Daphne Guinness (1)


Diamond Studded Armor Glove by Daphne Guinness (2)


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