Designing the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams

Designing the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams

If you’re finally ready to design and set up your dream wine cellar in your home, then congratulations! You’re already well on the way to having your own personal space where you can store, age, and appreciate your fine wine collection. 

In order to make sure you’ll be able to make the most of the space you have on hand and include all your most preferred features, check out these things to consider while you design your wine cellar.

Set the mood with lighting
One of the first things to keep in mind is what kind of lighting you’ll want to set up in your ideal wine cellar. Natural light must be blocked out to protect your collection, and the mood of your wine cellar should be dimly-lit and warm. A good way to gauge the optimal light level is to check one of your wine labels–you should just barely be able to read it in the cellar’s lighting.

LED lights are best reserved for track or downlighting, which can lend your cellar a polished and elegant look. You can also bring in some extra style with industrial pendant lights or give the room a rustic edge with the soft glow of some high-quality paper light shades that diffuse a soft glow.

You can guide added focus to key areas such as display shelves by bringing your light fixtures a little lower, too. This will enable you to create a subtle spotlight effect without making the room too bright.

Control your cellar’s climate
Temperature is extremely important when it comes to keeping your fine wines at their best. Your optimal wine cellar climate will be set at a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 57 percent.

You’re probably already thinking that you’d rather not keep the rest of your house at that temperature, which is understandable. As a result, you’ll want to give your cellar its own HVAC system with separate controls from the rest of your home. This will result in better temperature regulation and management as well.

Depending on the natural climate where you live, you’ll likely need to exercise some control to fine-tune the existing humidity levels as well. If your cellar’s HVAC system doesn’t come with humidity controls, then set up a humidifier or dehumidifier as well in order to keep the optimal level of dryness in your wine cellar.

Select the best door
When constructing your dream wine cellar, it’s important to consider the first impression it will make upon you and your guests alike. This means creating an entryway that is both striking and practical to set the stage for your collection from the moment you enter the room.

For the best possible results, your wine cellar should have a steel or wrought iron door. These will keep the cellar insulated well, and they’re as durable as they are beautiful.

A high-quality door will serve to not only protect your collection and preserve that ideal climate that you’ve created but will create a sense of luxury and richness as well. This will make the reveal once you step inside that much more satisfying!

Install some stylish cabinetry
Amidst your efforts to install an excellent door and maintain the perfect climate, don’t forget about the key element in showcasing your wine collection: the shelving. Cheap wine racks have no place in your dream cellar, after all, and something classier is in order.

Picking some high-quality cabinetry will not only organize your bottles and make them far easier to get to, but they’ll help you showcase your favorites as well. Reserving a few shelf cubbies for displaying a few prized bottles always looks elegant, and you’ll have a better opportunity to appreciate them anytime you enter your cellar.

Lighting will come back into play here, as well. You can use some of the aforementioned low-hanging light fixtures to illuminate your favorite display bottles and create a classy atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can showcase some of your favorite wine glasses or other decorative elements by installing downlights in specific shelf cubbies to create some added interest.

Final thoughts
Your dream wine cellar isn’t simply a room–it’s an experience. In order to make the most of that experience and give your wine collection the serious regard that it deserves, there are a few key design features to consider.

In terms of practicality, make sure you have a secondary HVAC system installed that’s controlled separately from the rest of your home in order to maintain the perfect temperature. If your unit doesn’t come with humidity regulation, then look into installing something for that as well.

Practicality blends with aesthetics with the selection of just the right cellar door, which should ideally feature wrought iron or steel. Set up dim, warm lighting inside to set the mood and illuminate your favorite items. Strategically display your wine bottles with some stylish cabinetry, and your dream cellar will be complete!

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