Delicious Yet Ridiculously Expensive To’ak Chocolate

Chocolate is probably the world’s most popular sweet treat, and it comes in an endless number of versions and brands. However, the world’s most expensive chocolate seems to be To’ak, which is created using a very rare cacao plant named Nacional cacao. The cacao is being grown in Ecuador, and it was believed to be near extinction until it was re discovered by a man named Jerry Toth and his partner Carl Schweizer.

The two decided to use this exquisite cacao type to create To’ak – a delicious chocolate that currently sells for $260 per bar. The price is justified by the amazing taste and by the extreme attention to detail that goes into the manufacturing process. Toth stated that it could take up to five months to create a few hundred bars. For a touch of exclusivity, each bar boasts a single cacao bean at its center.
The presentation is quite amazing as well, as each bar is stored within a handcrafted Spanish Elm wooden box, which is engraved with its own individual number. The box also comprises a 116-page booklet that tells the story of the special cacao bean. Spanish Elm tasting tongs are provided for tasting.


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