Dear Santa, Please Bring Me a Ferrari!

Dear Santa Please Bring Me a Ferrari

Did your kids catch the “Ferrari virus” from you? Then we know what the perfect Christmas present for them will be! They’re too young to drive a real car, but not too young for the Ferrari FXX Racers pedal Go-kart.

Specially designed for children, the FXX features 12 inch lightweight metal rims with two rear disk brakes, Super Slick X-treme tires and seven gears. There is also an electronic system to the kart that can monitor speed and lap times. The automatic freewheeling allows the kid to drive its small ride in reverse too.

Ferrari also thought of your child’s comfort when they created this toy. They crafted a highly comfortable seat and a soft eco-leather wrapped steering wheel for better handling. You can get this beauty for about $2,250, shipping taxes not included.

Dear Santa Please Bring Me a FerrariDear Santa Please Bring Me a Ferrari 3Dear Santa Please Bring Me a Ferrari 2.Dear Santa Please Bring Me a Ferrari 1

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