Datamancer Victorian Laptop for Steampunk Enthusiasts

Datamancer has done it again! Continuing his signature steampunk tradition, artist Richard R. Nagy created this amazing work of art for his personal use. First brought to life in 2007 as a unique prototype, the retro-Victorian laptop has recently been released as a limited edition. Unfortunately for many admirers of the style, all units have already been sold, determining the Datamancer to create a few more examples for interested customers.

One Datamancer Victorian Laptop costs $6,850, and even though it looks like a Victorian music box, it is quite a stunner in terms of modern technologies. Based on an Asus gaming notebook with polished-like 17.3 inch Full HD screen, the device is powered by an  Intel I7 2670QM processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM. It has a Super-Multi DVD Drive and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M graphic adaptor, and a screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

Its steampunk pedigree does not make is excessively sturdy and difficult to handle or transport. The Datamancer Victorian Laptop is actually thinner and lighter than many notebooks on the market, thus boasting a high degree of portability. Brass keys, precious gems, and gold leaf make the device even more irresistible, but interested customers should also know that the laptop is highly customizable. So, if you want to enhance the bling level on your unit, the Datamancer will gladly honor your request.




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