Dartz Chess R8 – The Perfect Ride for Halloween!

What you see here is a picture of an Audi R8 V8 that went purple-chess. Looking for someone to blame or to praise for this? Well, you should know who is responsible for the shocking change in look: Russian tuner Dartz. They actually coated each and every single inch of this vehicle in light and dark purple little squares. It is said that the classic black and white version of the wrapping is also available, but specialists recommend the purple one because it is easier to spot in case you get lost in the middle of nowhere.

It seems to us that since Halloween is almost here, the Dartz Chess R8 would be the perfect car to drive to a Halloween party. Oh, and by the way, did you hear about the huge party that PMC Royale is throwing  this year?

 Dartz Chess R8. Russian tuner Dartz is responsible for everything!

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