Cyrus Unveils the Spectacular Cyrus Klepcys Mars Watch

After stunning us all with the outstanding Klepcys timepiece that featured a miniature moon, Cyrus is back again with a new masterpiece: the Cyrus Klepcys Mars watch, obviously featuring a miniature representation of Mars.

Created in collaboration with expert astronomer Jean Francois Mojon, the timepiece flaunts precise technical details, of which the most important are the mesmerizing red planet, and the representation of the human face that was discovered on Mars in July 1976.

Available in two versions – Titanium edition and Red Gold edition – the watch boasts a multi-layered spiral dial with subdials that show its multiple functionalities. In both editions, red plays an important role, giving the whole design a unique appeal.

Cyrus Unveils the Spectacular Cyrus Klepcys Mars Watch

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