Custom Chimera Bike

Just take a look at this customized Chimera bike. It is impossible not to like the beautiful leather and metal artwork beginning on the handle and continuing on the chassis and rear end. This machine has art and craftsmanship written all over it.

The designers, Elias Nikolaou and Antonis Pliakas, used as a source of inspiration the legend of Chimera, the fire-breathing monstrous creature.  The bike combines features from several other brands: Mazda Springer customized front end, Honda Valkyrie swing arm, BMW custom R60 overall frame, Honda Nissin brakes, as well as Dunlop and Avon tires. The 1000 cc special edition engine is a smart choice for such a beast. The ZZR beautifully designed gas tank includes side-caps, grips, fenders and horns specially modified for this model.

Forged surfaces and sand-cast moulds have been used to create the intricate design of the bike.  For such a magnificent result, it was worth all the work and sweat.Custom Chimera Bike (1)

Custom Chimera Bike (2)



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