Crystal Cruises Offers the Luxurious Exotic Amazon Voyage

Exploring the Amazon is an adventure that no one should miss. This is one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems, surrounded by wonder and magic. For those of you who want to be part of a memorable experience in South America, Crystal Cruises offers the luxurious Exotic Amazon voyage.

Being a Crystal Cruises voyage, you know that the experience will be extremely fulfilling. The cruise lasts for 21 days, during which time you will be taken to some of the country’s most spectacular natural havens, but also to many of its beautiful cosmopolitan cities. As you enjoy your luxe trip onboard Crystal Serenity, you will be fascinated by lush rainforests, endless sand beaches, and imposing snow-capped mountains.

The cruise ship is arguably the best in the world, having won awards and praises from experts and guests alike. This one-of-a-kind experience will broaden your horizons  and give you new knowledge of the world’s second largest river, the ever mysterious and ever fascinating Amazon. The voyage begins on March 10 and lasts until arch 31, at a starting cost of $9,415 per person.




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