Crystal Clear Sound from Philips’ New Mini DJ System

For DJs who can make great music even without a turntable, Phillips has revealed the FWP3200D Mini DJ System. It is designed to aid passionate DJs who love to work with iPhones and iPads, and it promises an excellent musical experience even from the comfort of their homes.

Capable of delivering 300 Watts through two 5.25-inch woofers and two 20inch tweeters, the system is excellent for memorable parties. However, for those who want more, Phillips also offers an additional speaker that can deliver 240W of extra fun, for only £199 (about $300). You can be sure that regardless of the type of music you prefer to play, this system will put out a crystal clear sound.

It is currently only available in the UK, and it’s priced at £299.99 (about $470). For this money, you also get a nice lighting system with different colors that flash as the beat dictates, FM Radio and dual channel fading and mixing capabilities, remote and djay APP compatibility, LCD display, two rotating iPod Docks, and the possibility to be connected to two devices at a time through different inputs.




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