Cruzer Is A Highly Versatile Motoped

Whether you’re a moped, motorcycle or bicycle fan, you’ll find that the Cruzer motoped is able to meet all of your needs in full. This highly versatile two-wheeler combines the nimbleness of a bicycle and a moped with the eye-catching aesthetics of a motorcycle, as it was inspired in its design by the amazing board-track racers of the 1900s.

Its most noteworthy design elements include an elongated brushed steel tank, wood fenders, a spring-seat enveloped in bomber-jacket leather, brass and aluminum touches, and a sturdy aluminum swing-arm that’s double heat-treated.

The stainless steel fuel tank boasts a capacity of 1.3 gallons, and on a full tank, the Cruzer can go between 150 and 200 miles thanks to a small yet reliable 49cc engine. If the weather is particularly nice and you feel like exercising, you can always turn off the engine and pedal off to your destination.





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