Coral Lodge 15.41 – A Luxe Retreat for a Luxe Vacation

Coral Lodge 15.41 – A Luxe Retreat for a Luxe Vacation (8)

You love your privacy while on a luxe vacation, don’t you? Well, here is a gorgeous getaway that can meet your every need in terms of luxury, comfort and seclusion. Located on a peninsula in the Varanda reserve in Northern Mozambique, the Coral Lodge 15.41 is a superb beach resort that promises perfect vacations to all its guests.

Dutch designer Edward Van Vilet is the master mind behind this gorgeous resort, surrounded by unspoiled mangroves, beaches and dunes. The Coral Lodge 15.41 (the numbers stand for the hotel’s geographic coordinates) is set in a privately owned reserve that gives a special charm to the place.

Ten unique villas boast gorgeous beachfront views and deluxe accommodation. A lovely spa ensures a perfectly relaxing stay to every guest on the island and the Reef lounge and bar takes care of their culinary whims and caprices right under the stars. Interesting activities on the island include sailing, snorkeling, fishing (your catch can even be cooked by a talented chef back on the island), picnicking on an uninhabited island and even spending some time in local fishermen’s homes for a special cultural experience.