The Coolest Parties to Attend in January

The Coolest Parties to Attend in January

How about considering January a warm-up month and just start this year with a series of cool parties? We have the solution for you because we have put together an entire list of parties that you should definitely attend this month.

Breakbot – at OverEasy Orchard

Internationally renowned producer and DJ, Breakbot will be making his return to Singapore at OverEasy Orchard this month. He will make you dance on a mixture of playful nu-disco, feel-good house, and infectious electro-pop soundscapes. Tickets are priced as it follows: $28 for early bird, $35 for standard, and $40 at the door.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore 2018 – 27 January, Saturday

Laneway 2018 will be making its return to Singapore on 27 January. The eighth edition will take place at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay. This annual outdoor indie music festival will bring in front of their fans some of the hottest international indie acts such as The Obedient Wives Club, Mas1a, and Billie Ellish. Our advice to you? Start prepping ahead for the festival. Tickets are priced at $158 and $200 at the door.

After Dark with Ame DJ and Sunju Hargun B2B Maurice Simon – 13 January, Saturday

Due to the extensive range of genre-bending compilations, these two DJs will definitely make the crowd go wild. The attendees can expect a night they will never forget with heart-thumping beats and addictive tunes. Tickets are priced at $30 for early bird and $40 for pre-sale.

Interstellar x Mao feat. Milton Bradley (GER) and Ulf Eriksson (SE) – 13 January, Saturday

Interstellar is also known as the South East Asia’s mecca for electronic dance music that has brought together legendary names such as Bandulu, Neel, and Marcus Henriksson to the region.

This year, they have partnered with Mao to bring in Milton Bradley also known as DJ Alien Rain and DJ Kontra-Musik/Ulf Eriksson. Tickets are priced from $20-$30.

What are you saying? Are you ready to continue partying? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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