Cool Greyp G12 Electric Bicycle

The same geniuses who created the awesome Rimac Concept One all-electric supercar are now ready to impress us with a new eco-friendly machine. Called Greyp G12 Electric Bicycle, this is a cool hybrid that works on electric and pedal power.

It is fitted with a 64-volt 1.3-kWh lithium nanophosphate battery and an electric motor that can run for 75 miles on one charge. While the Concept One boasts mind-blowing speeds (only 2.8 seconds to reach 62 mph), this two wheeler can only be pushed to up to 50 mph.You can enjoy its performance on the road and in the dirt as well. When the battery is out, you don’t have to stop your adventures because you can simply start pedaling.

The frame is made of tensile steel, and the body is carbon fiber. A regenerative braking system extends the life of your battery to help you make the best of your every ride. The feature that we love the most is the 5 inch touchscreen interface that is powered by fingerprint recognition and which keeps you constantly informed about speed, battery life, power output, and more.