Conversion Van Limo – Ultimate Luxury

Combining the prestige of a traditional limousine with the comfort and convenience of a conversion van, the executive limousine van is setting new standards for luxury in modern travel. Today’s discriminating luxury travel customers are looking to stretch their enjoyment of their travel experience more than they are looking for a traditional stretch limousine. Sales of executive limousine vans have continued to grow steadily as businesses and companies that specialize in van rental for parties and events are discovering the many features and amenities that they offer.

People really do enjoy the roominess and flexibility that conversion vans offer, and the modern executive limousine van does it while maintaining one of the features that is most popular in a limousine – the privacy glass separating the driver from the passengers. However, the executive limousine van gives passengers a new level of roomy comfort that feels more like a luxurious living room than a beefed up back seat, giving passengers the comforts of home combined with the convenience of a plush and personalized travel experience.

Features like heated leather swivel seats, fold down seats for laid back lounging, sophisticated LED lighting that can be adjusted to create any mood, and top notch carpeting create a travel experience that is second to none. And the built in flat screen TV, DVD player, high end speaker system, and included minibar are just a few of the features that provide passengers with nearly unlimited options for relaxation and entertainment.

Executive limousine vans also offer many exterior features that can make a big impression like distinctive paint effects, running lights, and customized mirrors and bumpers. Another benefit of the executive limo is the ability to add customization to add ramps or lifts for easier access for individuals with specialized needs.

So make the most of the miles you travel to your next event and ensure that you and your fellow passengers will arrive in style and leave with smiles with an executive limousine van. You will have an evening to remember while enjoying the unique style, convenience, and comfort of a luxury lounge on wheels.

“Darrin Michael currently serves as the eCommerce/Marketing Director at Dave Arbogast Van Depot in Troy, Ohio, where he writes about the RV industry daily. His work has been featured on,, and more. When he’s not covering the RV lifestyle, he enjoys spending time in the Great Outdoors.”

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