Contemporary X2 Kui Buri Resort in Thailand

Having too many options can be really confusing! This is especially true when you want to choose the perfect holiday spot that is at the same time luxurious, secluded, and close to civilization. One resort that perfectly matches the description is the X2 Kui Buri Resort in Thailand.

You can find it three hours away from Bangkok by car, in a location that is very easy to reach. Wonderful landscapes and a gorgeous lush vegetation embellishes the resort and helps every guest feel close to nature. It is located on approximately 4 acres of beachfront, in an area with reduced fishermen communities.

There are 23 semi-private villas to choose from at X2 Kui Buri, all offering a high level of comfort and a warm, inviting atmosphere. The contemporary villas open towards a lovely pool, where guests can enjoy a completely relaxing time, sipping on fine cocktails. The restaurant on the beach boasts exquisite dishes prepared by passionate chefs, renowned for their talent and imagination. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your next vacation in a place like this?

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