Constellation Quest Ferrari – A New Vertu Gem

Vertu’s Constellation Quest Ferrari mobile phone brings together two of your greatest passions : your love for luxury and your love for supercars. It’s a sophisticated handset, with a sporty yet elegant design inspired by Ferrari’s luxe supercars. Its case is covered with the same material that the automaker uses for its engines: a super thin (1/50 of a human hair) yet incredibly strong black coating.

For a touch of style, Vertu added fine leather accents on the phone, and created a leather slip case to match it. They completed the unique design with a sleek “sea of sapphire” keypad. An automotive-inspired analog clock and calendar that borrows design cues from the rev-counter on the Ferrari 458 Italia enhances the handset’s visual appeal.

On the back of the phone there is the world-famous prancing horse emblem, made of polished stainless steel. Another Ferrari-inspired feature can be discovered by browsing the phone: three live recordings of the Ferrari 458b Italia that will make the most amazing ringtones for a true sports car lover.

Constellation Quest Ferrari - A New Vertu Gem

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