Consider These 5 Places to Find a New House

With the world’s current state, everyone is looking to add a sense of calmness to their life. For some, this translates to renovating their home to a more peaceful space. For others, it means relocating to an area that has an inherent sense of serenity to it.

If you fall under the latter category, you might be browsing home listings all over the U.S. But if your search is limited to major cities, you may not be looking in the right place. It’s because more significant areas throw you into the rush of city life right off the bat. In order to get a sense of calmness that you want, you need to look into smaller cities that offer a naturally relaxing environment to their residents.

Here are 5 places for you to consider while finding a new house to help you through this search. From finding homes for sale in Clear Lake Iowa, to discovering listings in Crystal River Florida, these places will let you find out the peace you need in your life. See more.

1. Find Homes for Sale in Clear Lake Iowa

Located right beside its eponymous lake and state park, the beautiful city of Clear Lake Iowa, is known for its natural sights and peaceful lifestyle. With the area’s affordable real estate, you may find the home of your dreams in just a few showings.

It’s because, despite its small area, Clear Lake has a variety of options for you to choose from throughout the year. From starter homes to larger lots, you can make your selection from an array of listings that fit your budget. The low cost of living enhances this value and lets you make the most out of your investment.

Despite its accessibility, the small city has all the necessary amenities in place. At the same time, it remains free of city life’s hustle and bustle, with its population of over 7,500.

The availability of nearby educational institutions, museums, and job opportunities ties the city’s offerings with a ribbon on top. If you are looking for an accessible home with long-lasting qualities, you should tap into homes for sale in Clear Lake Iowa.

2. Look for a Place in Milton-Freewater Oregon

In case you want to move away from the Midwest during your search, you can look into the tranquil city of Milton-Freewater Oregon instead. With a population of just above 7,000, the city also boasts accessible real estate in its lush green lands.

The typical listings in Milton-Freewater range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom homes. But some options go beyond this typical range to give you a taste of luxurious wine country living at affordable prices.

When you hear that Milton-Freewater is known for its wineries, you should take it in a literal sense. The city has more than a few wineries in place that thrive within its natural environment and work as tourist hotspots for nearby cities and towns. This gives the local residents various job opportunities in the hospitality and agricultural sector.  

But wine is not all that the city holds within itself. It also has educational institutions and other amenities to boot. This means that if you are not looking for homes for sale in Clear Lake Iowa, you can give Milton-Freewater a chance.

3. Search for Listings in Winslow Arizona

Moving off of the West Coast and towards the Southwest, you can find suitable homes in Winslow Arizona. While the city has several empty lots that crowd its real estate market, it also has some single-family homes that might fulfill your needs. 

The shortage of available inventory might make the initial search a little harder for you. But with a population of over 9,000, this process is worth it if you are looking for a tranquil area to settle in.

Winslow is also known for its natural sights. But instead of greenery and elevation, it is popular due to its sandy deserts and picturesque trails. The Homolovi State Park is right beside the city, while its own attractions, museums, and restaurants are located along the same landscape. 

Winslow offers easy accessibility to larger cities such as Phoenix Arizona and Albuquerque New Mexico. Similar to finding homes for sale in Clear Lake Iowa, this makes Winslow a sought after location for those who want to visit bigger cities at short notice.

4. Discover Suitable Options in Essex Connecticut

With a population of over 6,500, Essex Connecticut offers serene living in the Northeastern US. However, the area’s real estate listings often run on higher price points than the regions listed so far.

It’s because some real estate listings in Essex are historically built and date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. This preservation of older architecture and its adaptability to modern living makes these homes a bit pricier. It also influences the value of more modern homes.

However, if you can afford these listings easily, the town has plenty to offer in return. In addition to its old-world aesthetic, it also has various museums and educational sites for you to take in.

Despite being a town that’s focused on history, Essex has modern recreational options for you to enjoy at your terms. This aspect is quite similar to finding homes for sale in Clear Lake Iowa. But it comes with a little twist: Essex’s options are mostly high-scale restaurants that excel at fine dining.

5. Tap Into Crystal River Florida

With a population of just above 3,000, the city of Crystal River Florida, is as secluded as a place as it can get with modern living. This location at the Gulf of Mexico has short and pricier real estate inventory, but it still offers a few listings that you might like for their overall offering.

It’s because Crystal River is one of those cities that mostly veer off of crowded attention but still hold essential amenities in place. This includes schools, restaurants, and recreational sites alike.

Crystal River is most popular due to its pleasant weather that stays at a moderate temperature throughout the year. This makes it an excellent choice for retirement living and a starter family home, where you may not want to deal with excessive winters or hot summers.

With the availability of sites such as the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge and Crystal River Archaeological State Park, the area also sees moderate traffic from nearby towns and cities. This brings a similar feel to finding homes for sale in Clear Lake Iowa, where life is tranquil but never boring.

By keeping these options in mind, you can make the most out of your dream to live in a peaceful location. As long as you take your time and assess all locations carefully, you can make an informed decision about moving into your forever home.

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