Comporta – Portugal’s Best Kept Secret

Comporta Portugal is a beautiful destination, where the locals, the culture and sun invite you for a memorable stay.

Said to be Portugal’s best-kept secret, Comporta is located about an hour South of Lisban along the North West coast of the Alentejo region. On the surface, Comporta seems to be a small hide-a-way, what small, beach-front villages were before Cruise ships and vacationing crowds splashed ashore. But underneath, Comporta offers much more – MUCH more for someone looking for a relaxed, laid-back destination with sun and water, great local food, and fun, family-safe activities.

Comporta offers visitors plenty of sand, sea, and sun, with a variety of activities from yoga, horse-back riding, surfing, dining and dolphin watching. Comporta is also an agriculture center where rice fields and nature preserves protect the surrounding lands from further development, keeping Comporta a timeless place where time actually seems to stand still.

Alma Da Comporta is a great resource for everything Comporta, from lodging to dining, from fun-filled activities and local history, this site can help you plan your stay.

Lodging in Camporta varies from nice hotels to comfortable local villa’s, nestled close to rice fields and local beaches with plentiful views of nature, birds and local architecture. Book your villa with a private pool to relax, read and rest. It’s easy to become one with Camporta as it’s amenities encourage you to blend in with the comfortable environment.

Dine at one of the local cafés or upscale restaurants, or order dine-in, or even better, book your own chef to prepare meals right at home. Most restaurants offer fresh fish and seafood, local rice dishes and regional wines. From simple to elegant, the foods of Camporta and the surrounding region and villages are enticing, flavorful and memorable.

Consider Comporta Portugal for your next vacation. You’ll not find a more relaxing, stress-free location to forget about the world, within the world of Comporta.

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