Common Knee Pain Or Arthritis? 3 Sure Ways To Tell

A young woman massaging her painful knee

Sudden knee pain can mean several things, and few of them are pleasant. Knee pain can mean that you accidentally stretched a muscle in your knee, or it could mean that you tore a ligament. Or worse, it could mean that the bones in your knee developed arthritis.

It’s important to be able to tell the difference between common knee injuries and arthritis. It can save you cash that you would spend on a doctor’s visit, and hundreds if tests need to be run. Yet, ignoring arthritis can cost you hundreds of thousands in surgery costs.

To know the difference, you need to consider several different factors. You should think about whether your lifestyle may contribute to regular knee injuries or arthritis. Genetics can also be a factor as to whether arthritis may be behind your knee pain.

And to learn how else to tell whether your knee pain is from arthritis or not, keep reading below!

1. Sudden Knee Pain Usually Isn’t Arthritis

Most of the time, pain from arthritis lingers as a dull and consistent throb. It doesn’t come out of just anywhere — it builds up over time until it feels overwhelming. So, if your knee pain seems to come out of nowhere, it’s not likely to be due to arthritis.

It’s more likely to be due to a simple injury. And to find out more about what kind of injury it could be, you can just research online.

2. Persistent Swelling Usually Means Arthritis

Sometimes, there may not be any other symptom other than the pain you feel in your knee. There may not be any cuts, any inflammation, or anything else. And if there isn’t anything but pain, then your knee pain likely isn’t from arthritis.

That’s because arthritis is almost never just pain. It’s usually accompanied by significant swelling, to the extent that you may be able to even see your veins. There could also be a rash if you have arthritis, and if you do, you should see a doctor immediately.

3. Athletic Lifestyles Mean More Damage to Your Knee

If you live an athletic lifestyle, then you shouldn’t rule out simple injuries like sprains or tears. If you run, lift weights, or do anything that makes you exercise, you do damage to your knee. And while it’s healthy to be active, going to the gym over a long period of time can cause damage.

Make sure to let your doctor know that you go to the gym and exercise regularly. It’s important information for them to arrive at the right diagnosis. Withholding your exercise routine can cause them to misdiagnose you and cause even bigger problems.

Knees Wear Away With Time, Take Care of Yours

The best way to avoid knee pain is to simply take care of your knees. If you take care of your knees by maintaining an exercise routine and a healthy diet, you won’t need to worry about injuries or developing arthritis. Plus, it’ll help you look better and stay healthy.

Taking care of your knee can help you take care of everything else. And to learn more about how to stay healthy, just keep reading our website here!